High Speed HDMI® Cable

UPC (ISOUND-6812): 845620068128

Gold plated connectors with 99% oxygen-free copper cable ensures the best connection for all your HDMI® cable needs and includes an Ethernet channel which can enable sharing an internet connection for devices that are internet ready - entertainment devices, from gaming consoles to Blu-ray Disc players and more. Ethernet ready devices connected by the HDMI Ethernet Channel will be able to exchange digital content, enabling recording, storage, and playback options across a connected system. No need for a separate Ethernet cable.

• Includes an Ethernet channel which can enable high speed with Ethernet/1080P/4K
• Anti-corrosive 24K gold plated connector
• Aluminum braiding, triple shielding cable
• 99% oxygen free copper
• Bare copper 19 pin for stable functionality
• 12 foot cable length

• 12 foot HDMI cable
• Warranty card

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Mobile devices not included.