5 in 1 Travel Sound

UPC (ISOUND-1614): 845620 016143
UPC (ISOUND-1615): 845620 016150

The 5 in 1 Travel Sound is a portable audio bundle featuring a compact speaker, headphones, earbuds, earbud organizer and audio splitter. The speaker features an adjustable cradle and built-in audio cable making it easy to connect and control your device. The lightweight, folding design and battery or USB power mean you can enjoy your music anywhere. Use the headphones or earbuds to connect directly to any audio device with a 3.5mm audio jack.

• Includes 2X Speaker with USB power cable, headphones, earbuds, earbud organizer and audio splitter

2X Speaker
• Powered either by USB cable (included) or battery (4 AAA not included)
• Folds to a compact size, perfect for travel
• Holds your audio device upright for easy access and control

• Ultra portable
• Adjustable size
• 4 foot cable

Earbuds + Earbud organizer
• Designed for comfort
• Organizes any pair of earbuds
• 4 foot cable

Audio Splitter
• Accommodates two pairs of headphones or earbuds or one of each

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Mobile devices not included.